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Nate Blond is acknowledged by some of the biggest names in the music scene like Nickelback, Alan Walker, Timmy Trumpet, Dax, Kenny Olson (Kid Rock), Phoenix Benjamin and so on.


„Nate Blond is destined to be one of the best drummers in the
world if not the best!” To have him on the team is AMAZING!
A great Heart & Soul & fun to work with.”

Phoenix Benjamin,
Award Winning Artist

"Absolutely unreal and amazing take on ‘Must Be Nice’, Nate Blond!
Complete Perfection! Thanks for sharing!"

Multi-Platinum selling rock band


Nate is an exceptional artist!  

He makes the earth shake on the drums!  
He has what the really big ones need in show business: 

That certain something!

Koray Sanchez,
Musician/ Entertainer &
Host of the "Koray Sanchez Show"

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